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Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

The benefits of having access to an improved drinking water source can only be fully realized when there is also access to improved sanitation and adherence to good hygiene practices. Beyond the immediate, obvious advantages of people being hydrated and healthier, access to water, sanitation and hygiene – known collectively as WASH – has profound wider socio-economic impacts, particularly for women and girls.

The fact that WASH is the subject of dedicated targets within the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 6) is testament to its fundamental role in public health and therefore in the future of sustainable development. Indeed, access to safe water and sanitation are human rights, as recognized in 2010 by the United Nations General Assembly. For universal fulfilment of these rights to become reality, we will need the right systems: well-resourced, capable institutions delivering services and changing behaviour in resilient and appropriate ways.

Project Objectives

The major aim of the project is to improve water supply services access, quality, availability and sustainability, and wastewater management in Kenyan cities, in order to boost commercial activities, stimulate economic growth and job creation, improve the populations’ quality of life, and strengthen resilience to fluctuations and climate change. In more specifics, the project will: (a) improve the reliability of water services and sanitation; (b) raise the overall level of public health in the beneficiary cities thanks to more reliable water supply and sanitation services; (c) strengthen the water service providers’ operational and maintenance capacity; and (d) improve the business environment for businesses dependent on water and sanitation services.

Areas of Expertise

  • Water and Sanitation Interventions:Provide intelligent interventions to ensure sustainable access to water and sanitation facilities processed through improved resource management.
  • Create a clean and healthy environmentCooperate with local authorities in the effective management of solid waste and the distribution of hygiene kits to maintain hygiene in families, communities and schools.
  • Promoting hygiene awareness levelsFocus on key home practices, with innovative ideas to maintain effective awareness sessions.
  • Adequate emergency preparednessPlan to ensure the best response to emergencies with appropriate interventions.
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