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Changing Lives, Realizing Dreams

Back in 2007 the organization started as a (CBO) known as Juhudi Africa Group. In 2017, the organization transformed itself into a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) named Juhudi Africa. Juhudi is an organization, dedicated to working with children, families, and communities in Kenya to reach their full potential by addressing root causes of poverty and offering suitable interventions. The NGO is currently headquartered in Kenya Coast, Kilifi County-Mtwapa Town, benefiting over 15 thousand people through its comprehensive development programme, which comprises 5 fields of activity:

  • Social infrastructure and services: Policy, Education focusing on access, C.T, Entrepreneurship and Capacity building, Health, Water & Sanitation
  • Production sectors: Policy, Agriculture, Forestry, livestock and Fisheries, Food Security
  • Economic infrastructure and services: Policy, Energy generation, renewable sources (Solar, wind and geothermal)
  • General environmental protection: Policy, education and training, research and Climate Change
  • Humanitarian aid: Policy, Disaster preparedness

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How we work

We work hand-in-hand with young people empowering them as actors of change, promote an enabling environment for their self-fulfilment, and foster meaningful and inclusive youth participation in the decisions that affect their lives.


Training & Education

We seek to eradicate extreme poverty in Kilifi County by instilling hands-on skills as well as fostering an entrepreneurial mindset absolutely free of charge to those that would otherwise not afford it.


Health- Focused Advocacy

We remain at forefront in the campaign against adolescent pregnancies by visiting schools and advocating for behavioural change to curb the rate parturiency and HIV infections among adolescents.


Life Skills

With the rise in the cost of living further exacerbated by the covid 19 pandemic and the uncertainty in global security, it is paramount that people have life skills that enable them to deal with everyday life's challenges.

Juhudi Africa Strategic Goals

Inspiring Action

To motivate and inspire young people to participate in nation building.

Unifying Voices

To unify the fragmented voices and programmes of youth in communities, country and continent.

Empowerment Programs

To initiate projects that empower youth economically, socially and politically.

Energising Activism

Energising youth's to be vocal in challenging retrogressive norms and to power up progressive change

We want to ensure that every young person

has the power to realize their own future.

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Making a Difference

A visit to Mtomodoni Primary School
on a mission to educate young boys and girls on HIV/ AIDS awareness and prevention, effects of early pregnancies,
and creating an understanding on child abuse instances
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Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights --- Child Marriage